At Totally Wild UK we believe in professional, safe and responsible foraging. To help guide us as we move forward we’ve put together a short manifesto that we strive to uphold.

On picking:

  • We will work with local bodies and private land owners to make our work mutually beneficial (for example we may harvest plants prior to being strimmed or cut back).
  • We will give back to the land we pick from (this may be through community involvement days or free teaching experiences).
  • We do not pick any endangered species unless in association with necessary legalised bodies.
  • We work safely and within the law to develop knowledge and relationships between all interested parties to find best foraging practice through shared experience, research and collaboration.
  • We undertake to observe how species respond to harvesting methods. In the event of a particular harvesting technique proving detrimental to a species and/or location, we will alter our practice accordingly.
  • All plants, fungi and seaweeds are risk assessed.
  • All sites picked from are risk assessed.
  • We never forage more than 40% of what’s available – in reality this is a lot closer to 10%.

On teaching:

  • All providers will work hard to have fun and make a wholly enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
  • All providers will take reasonable measures to understand and pass on relevant information on species edibility and allergy advice, to interested parties.
  • All providers hold necessary insurances.
  • All providers hold necessary food hygiene qualifications required.
  • All providers hold all relevant risk assessments.
  • All providers work to enable all of our learners to have a deeply engaging experience.


As our understanding of best practice with regard to species and locations is constantly evolving, so will this document. We welcome constructive, evidence-based discussion and dialogue on general principles, specific species and distinct locations with all interested parties.